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Self-Love Blank Note Cards

You can have all of the desire, motivation, and knowledge to start and operate your own successful business but without taking care of yourself it will be meaningless.

There will be many long nights and early mornings to set up your processes, systems, content, and to take care of your clients. However, you can't do any of it well when you're not at your best. NEVER think that taking time out to take care of yourself is in any way selfish- it's not!

Given current times, being connected is easier than ever, but so is getting lost in the noise and the pandemic. These days, cards go above and beyond the ordinary, adding a personal, tangible touch that leaves a real impact on their recipients. If your message really matters and you need to remind someone else of the importance of self-love and self-care, send one of these beautiful cards.

  • Made in the USA
  • Sold in sets of 10
  • Standard Fine Finch 110#
  • Printed on HP Indigo Printers
  • 7x5 Front & Back Folded Card
  • Blank White Envelopes Included
  • Price includes shipping- these are only available in the USA and Canada