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New Team Member Onboarding Template

One of the things that I can't stress enough is planning, including planning for growth before you even launch. Once your business takes off, your focus will turn to scaling and growing your business. After all, that's why we're all in business to grow our sales and profits. You will be ready to hire team members in no time and you should be ready to do so with ease. Eventually, this will be a task that should be handed off to your VA.

This template is designed to help onboard new team members quickly, getting them up to speed as quickly as possible to start helping you and the business. This template contains important categories for them to become familiar with. This is a great starting point but please feel to revise for your specific business as needed or simply complete and use as is.

Topics covered:
  • Welcome
  • Compensation Information
  • Shared Files
  • Time-off
  • Company Directory
  • Policies and Expectations
  • Company Branding & Style Guide
  • Team Member Information Form

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