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Content Reviews

It never hurts to have someone unfamiliar with your content to take review it through the eyes of a customer. You can purchase the option to have a personal review of any of your content. Options are available of either up to 10 pages or 25 pages. Below are the time commitments for reviewing and returning feedback.

Reviews will include:

  • Understanding your goals for the content being submitted
  • Reading through the content for structure, readability, whether it will meet the goals set forth above, and of course for any grammatical errors. 
  • Submitting a summary page of feedback when returned
  • Making feedback comments throughout the document

Timing- because this will involve a personal review, please allow time for the feedback. Plan accordingly by submitting well in advance of when the content is actually needed. This will not be rushed because I believe in quality over quantity. If this option is unavailable for checkout, it is because the queue is full at the moment and every client will be given the utmost care in reviewing your content. Once slots open up, this option will be opened back up. So, if this is unavailable use the Wishlist option so that you can be notified when slots are available.

  • Up to 10 pages- has a 2-Day turnaround (time begins once you receive an email stating it has been received AND is in-process).
  • Up to 25 pages- has a 3-Day turnaround time begins once you receive an email stating it has been received AND is in-process).

NOTE: This service is only available for US English content.