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Product Creation Planner

Have You Seen Our Product Creation Planner?

This planner helps to break the large project down into smaller, more manageable steps (and you can probably do all of these in a single afternoon) so all that’s left is to connect the dots and create your product! Keep in mind a product is your course, your book, your t-shirt business, your anything that you plan to sell.

This Planner Covers:

  • Step 1: Know Your Market
  • Step 2: One Problem, One Solution
  • Step 3: Outlining Your Product
  • Step 4: Crafting Your Sales Page
  • Step 5: Easy Add-Ons Increase Perceived Value
  • Step 6: Use What You Already Have
  • Step 7: Speaking of Outsourcing

Let's get you started creating your product today!