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Unshakeable: Leaning into Unapologetic Messaging, Creation, and Selling with Confidence and Ease

Have you ever wondered what it’d feel like to be the kind of entrepreneur who says what you want, when you want, the WAY you want, and STILL makes loads of cash?

 Let’s get right to it. Is this your life right now?

  • You create okay content for your business, but there’s so much more you secretly want to say (but “just can’t”)
  • You think you have your message nailed down, but know you’re watering it down a little out of fear
  • You’ve never actually defined your message because you didn’t feel like you needed to…until you realized you’re the only biz owner on the block without a viewpoint on, well, anything
  • You recognize that the content, creators & leaders you’re drawn to have a certain je nai sais quois (and they want some of that!)
  • You often find yourself stopping yourself from saying what you truly want to say (read: writing fiery, inspired posts that stay in “Draft” mode forever)
  • You really want your content to connect with others in a deep way, but also inspire those people to reach out to them to work together
  • You notice yourself regurgitating information you learned from someone else–and leaving out your own unique spin or ideas–due to fear of being called out as “wrong” or “stupid”

Using this workbook, you’ll be able to strip away the stuff holding you back and cultivate real confidence and clarity around what you want to say and who you want to say it to, and actually, start it in a way that connects with the people it’s meant to.

This 53-Page Step-by-Step Workbook Covers:

  • Step 1: Gain Razor-Sharp Clarity to Master Your Message & Share Your Raw Truth
  • Step 2: Learn to Squash Your Fears & Boldly Battle Backlash (or Haters)
  • Step 3: Turn Your Message into Ultra-Compelling Content
  • Step 4: Pack a Punch with A More Polarizing Messaging
  • Step 5: Tell Stories that Show the Real You–Flaws and All!
  • Step 6: Tactfully Talk to Your Audience During a Crisis and Stand Up for Social Issues Like a Leader
  • Step 7: Stop Feeling Scared to Sell & Own the Value of Your Unique Offers