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Automation and Systems Workbook

Do you ever wonder how in the world all those other entrepreneurs “get it all done” (and then some)?

 Tap into the Unprecedented Power of Tools & Team so You Don’t Have to Spend Every.Single.Second You’re Awake at Your Laptop Doing Pesky Admin Tasks You Hate (or any other task you also don’t love)!

 If you’ve ever marveled in awe at entrepreneurs who run massive, 6-7 figure empires and yet somehow also manage to indulge in avocado toast on a gorgeous patio in the middle of a random Tuesday and wondered why they got the “Superhuman” gene and you didn’t…keep reading.

  • You’re the boss, applesauce. (You’re also the bookkeeper, the social media manager, the certified coach, and the copywriter, but who’s counting?)
  • You do all the marketing, emailing, admin work, and scheduling that needs to be done every day and it stops you from making progress in other areas of your business (and life!)
  • You spend just as much time invoicing and managing clients (or chasing down clients who don’t pay their invoices) as you do actually servicing them
  • You always want to do things to make your clients happier – like follow up with the superstars you haven’t heard from in a while, or make sure you send a delectable wrap-up gift to every person you work with–but you forget or put it off indefinitely
  • You know there are easier ways to do the things you need to do in your business each week (who has the time–or the will–to repurpose content 300 different ways and still be a killer entrepreneur?), but you simply don’t know-how!

Using this 65-page workbook, you can learn exactly how to stay in your Zone of Genius so that you have plenty of time, creativity, and space to work on the goals and projects that’ll move your business forward!