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Tough Talks Letters Bundle

No one likes to have tough conversations, especially with a client or customer concerning either payment or service. However, even some of the best relationships come to an end. This 11-letter template bundle was created to help you with the proper wording for the right situation. Feel free to revise if you need or use just as they are. Just copy and paste into the body of an email and off you go, inputting your specific information of course!

This template bundle includes the following:

Cancellation Recovery Letter- great for when a client cancels their membership or account with you and you want to follow up to inquire why.

Client Boundaries Letter- remember that your clients are people too and as such sometimes need a gentle reminder about the terms of your agreement. They may start to feel so comfortable with you that they think they can monopolize your time but remember you have many clients, not just one!

Client Missed Appointment Letter- things come up sure.  So use this letter as a reminder to your client fo the missed appointment. They may have forgotten due to a time zone difference. Also, be sure that you're using a calendar booking system that sends appointment reminders to your clients.

Client Refusal Letter - Refer to Another Coach- great way to word a letter when you need to refuse to take on a new client because it's not a good fit. Please do not get in the habit of trying to take on all clients. The best to serve your clients and yourself is to make sure it's a good fit for you both. This is also a good reminder that you should be building a network and partnering with others in your industry so that you can be a good steward and refer them business when it's not a good fit for you!

Client Refusal Letter- Refer to Other Programs- this is a great way to refer someone to one of your programs when 1:1 coaching may not be the best for them at the moment. Maybe it's because of their budget, stage of business, or they don't have the time right amount of time to devote to 1:1 coaching.

Clients Who Waste Your Time Termination Letter- breaking up is so hard to do.  This template was created when you need to terminate a client agreement because it has become clear that it's no longer beneficial for both of you.

Rate Increase Letter- another tough one. As a business owner, you will need to raise your pricing periodically. This template gives you the right wording to make a little easier when it comes to informing your existing clients.

Refund Refusal Letter - CreditCardCancellation- things happen and this template makes it easy to reach out to your client when there is a payment issue that needs resolving due to a credit card being cancelled.

Refund Refusal Letter - CreditCardChargeback- this is a really tough conversation to have since chargebacks occur when the client disputes the charge with their credit card issuer but the conversation still needs to take place.

Refund Refusal Letter - PayPal- same as the credit card chargeback but this language is targeted to a PayPal dispute.

Termination Letter- this is probably the toughest of them all. Not all clients will be a good fit and sometimes you will not know that until the work begins. This template is designed to offer a polite and concise notice of the termination.