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Save the Sale Letters Bundle

You are in business to make a profit. So, your clients or customers are your bread and butter. If you see the potential sale going downhill fast, depending on the situation, one of these templates could help you save that sale! 

This 10-letter template bundle can help you with the wording needed to save a sale that looks to be tanking. The following are included: 

When a Client Asks for a Refund- Always tough but there may be hope yet. Try offering a different product or store credit.

When a Client isn't Following Through- Be sure to follow-up with them to seek out what may be the problem and offer some advice and encouragement.

When a Client Visits a Sales Page But Doesn't Buy- Give them reasons to pull the trigger (this is essentially your abandonment cart email)

When a Potential Client Says - It's Not in My Budget- Remind them why your product, program, course, or 1:1 coaching is worth it.

When a Potential Client Says NO- Be polite about it and let them know you're there if they need.

When a Potential Client Schedules a Discovery Session But Doesn't Show- Be empathetic since you don't know what happened but offer a personal story or case study to reassure them of what you can help them with.

When They Hire Another Coach Instead of You- Oh competition. This will happen so don't panic. Thank them for their time and letting you know and that they can reach out if things don't work out with the other guy!

When You Want to Reconnect with a Past Client- Let them know you were thinking of them and hope they're well. Describe your new program or product and why it would be a good fit for them.

When You Want to Re-engage a Canceled Member- Describe changes and offer a discount to get them to return.

When Your Sales Call Doesn't Go as Planned- No worries just explain in the letter/email what you didn't express on the call. Great way to continue showing them how you can help them. 

Feel free to revise as you need but these are tried and true templates that can help you save time and sales! Good luck!