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Getting Clients Letters Bundle

Included in this bundle to help you land more clients are the following 7 letters done-for-you to get you started: 

  • Client Reactivation Letter- this is a great way to follow-up with previous clients if you have a new product or program you're launching. You want to reach out but not sure what to say- start here!
  • Client Testimonial Request Letter- if you don't have an app that automatically sends requests for testimonials of your prior work, place this in your email marketing system and send to previous clients!
  • JV Program Invitation Letter- partnering with another business that is complementary to yours is a great and inexpensive way to drum up business for both businesses. Use this letter content to start the conversation.
  • Post Consultation Call Follow-Up Letter- NEVER forget to follow-up with potential clients that you have actually had a consultation call with, even if on the call they didn't seem too interested. The follow-up will be appreciated, and you will stand out for when they're ready to move forward!
  • Post Event Potential Client Follow-Up Letter- same as above. Even at an event, if someone takes the time to sign-in, follow-up with them. You are constantly in the marketing business so do not leave opportunities on the sign-up sheet.
  • Referral Bonus Letter for Existing Coaching Clients- be sure to ask your current clients for a referral as you're working with them. You do not have to wait for the end and just ask for a testimonial and everyone loves a little incentive!
  • Referral Request Letter- this is great if you are asking for a referral because of the launch of a new product or program. 

Each of these can easily be turned into an email template if you prefer emails.

At $2.43 for each done-for-you letter, this is a true bargain to help you get clients!