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Business Operations Manual

One of the items that I highly recommend for all businesses is an operations manual. An operations manual should relay to new team members information about you, the business, some high-level information about products/services, a high-level overview of policies and procedures, and an acknowledgment of receipt page. Your policies and procedures can be separate if they are very detailed, or you can include them in the operations manual if you want everything in one place.

This manual includes everything you need to get started writing one for your specific business. It is in word form so that you can edit for your business. Add and retract as you see fit but make sure it contains enough information to inform a new team member about the essentials of your business so that they can get up and running as quickly as possible.

 Do not start your business without this invaluable document! You will be glad you took the time to create once your business begins to scale and you begin hiring your team!

Below is an example of the Table of Contents for this Business Operations Manual:

Table of Contents

  1.  Welcome Message 
  2.  About Me 
  3.  About 
  4.  Company Organization Chart
  5.  Products and Services
  6.  Product Funnels
  7.  Traffic and Business Growth Plan 
  8.  Goals for 20xx
  9.  Tools and Resources
  10.  Top JV Partners
  11.  Company Guidelines
  12.  Scheduling & Time Off
  13.  Illnesses and Emergencies
  14.  Communication 
  15.  Urgent Situations
  16.  What Constitutes an Urgent Situation? 
  17.  Steps to Resolve an Urgent Situation 
  18.  Emergency Contacts
  19.  Specialty Contractors
  20.  File Structures & Naming Conventions
  21.  Dropbox
  22.  File Names
  23.  Sharing of Confidential Data 
  24.  Financial Information & Policies
  25.  Accounts and Access
  26.  Refund Policy
  27.  Chargebacks
  28.  Past Due Payments
  29.  Breach of Contract
  30.  Acknowledgment of Receipt