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120- Done For You Blog Posts

Can you imagine having enough blog posts to post 1 a week for 2 years!! Amazing. By purchasing this set, it is essentially combining some of both the 60 and 65 blog posts unique posts! I couldn't make it any easier for you than this! Here's a reminder of what you can do with these blog posts... 

  • Step 1: Don’t let them sit on your hard drive. Have your VA load them up into draft mode in your blog (or do it yourself at night over a glass of wine). 
  • Step 2: The next time you need to write a blog post, choose one of your drafts in your blog that you will use as your starting point. 
  • Step 3: Change the post title. (Use a keyword tool for ideas or come up with something fun on your own.) 
  • Step 4: Infuse a little bit of YOU into the post. Add some examples, a personal story, feature a client or a colleague, or a mentor. 
  • Step 5: Add an eye-catching photo or graphic for social media. Hire this out or use an easy tool like Canva, Pixeled, or PicMonkey to create a simple graphic with a photo in the background and text overlay. 
  • Step 6: Include a call-to-action / monetization in the posts. Every post should have a goal. So, what’s the “next step” for this individual post? Hiring you? Connecting with community? An affiliate link? Buying your program? 
  • Step 7: Publish. 
  • Step 8: Start spreading the word on social media, tell your lists, share with anyone you featured in the post, etc. 
  • Step 9: Repeat with another post the next week.  

But you’ve got to have them in order to use them. Again, if you only used ONE blog post, it’s still so worth the cost., which by the way, you save enormously by purchasing this higher set.

...you cannot beat this set that averages out to be $0.73 per blog! Like, I said, this is incredibly worth the cost!! Check out the topics covered below.

  1. 5- Authentic Pricing
  2. 5 -Becoming a Media Sweetheart
  3. 5- Book Writing
  4. 5- Brand Makeover
  5. 5- Branding Your Business
  6. 5- Business Management
  7. 5- Business Planning and Operations
  8. 5- Easy Sales Funnel
  9. 5- eCourse Creation
  10. 5- Giveaway Events
  11. 5- Group Coaching
  12. 5- High End Clients
  13. 5- Low End Products
  14. 5- Money Mindset
  15. 5- Monthly Club
  16. 5- More Sales Funnels
  17. 5- Premium Packages
  18. 5- Relationship Building
  19. 5- Sassy Business Systems
  20. 5- Social Media Bootcamp
  21. 5- VIP Days
  22. 5- Virtual Summits
  23. 5- Vision Boards
  24. 5- Webinars to Grow Your Business